iOS 13.2.3 stability


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Interesting read. Now I know that I am not crazy OR unlucky, I am one of tens of thousands that have experienced the same things.Thanks for sharing bowline.

Thanks for the insight. That certainly would explain the odd blank email from some non nerd colleagues. I’d assumed it to be operator error.

What I’ve found so interesting, as someone yet to update any Mac or iOS device, is the mind-shift from automatically update software to questioning the stability of new software.

Conventionally we all just tap, click, or take the automated updates. We generally assume that things won’t break. Sure there may be 32-64 bit style transitions or file system updates to be aware of, but the core functionality will still exist. We assume the substance will be there, it’s just the style in which that substance is implemented will vary.

However the issues we’ve seen are unconventional. The substance is broken.

Now that I’ve stepped off the update train on every new release I’m questioning the stability, and seeking opinion from the MPU community. Have Apple got it right this time?

All software has bugs which lead to software failures. It’s the frequency and impact of the failures that concerns me. Particularly with shared data sources in email, in iCloud. Data loss here could instantly propagate to other machines.

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Amen! We have been accepting so-so software releases since home computing became a thing, but if it were our modes-of-transportation doing this, folks would be livid.

It is “my opinion”, that home computers should work like a television set. Turn it on, and it works. Updates are great, as long as they are WELL TESTED and perfected BEFORE they are released.

Until the computer industry gets away from using the general public as “consumers”, and switch to seeing us as users, we will continue to see known flaws being pushed out to the public in the name of profit.

It’s a broken business model. :mask:

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Smooth sailing on all 6 of my devices

Four of my iOS devices have had problems… Six minus four equals two Does that mean 2/3 of the devices are experiencing update problems? Or is that 2/5 ‘s …whatever …seems more than a couple problems😊

IOS13.2.3 broke CarPlay in a major way.

I’ve only been using CarPlay in rental car since last week. I was running iOS12 in my XR, and listen to PocketCasts mostly while I’m driving. The functionality was pretty good, most of what is visible in PocketCasts on the phone was also visible on the car’s display.
I could see my UpNext list, which basically shows the podcasts I have downloaded to my phone. This is where I select the episodes to listen to before I start driving.

I updated to iOS 13 over the weekned, PockeCasts is now a disaster. I can no longer see my UpNext list. PocketCasts now displays only a partial list of the podcasts that I have subscribed to.

I have to go to the phone to display the UpNext list, select a podcast, then start driving.

A minor irritant in CarPlay is that you can only select playback speeds in increments of .5, this is way too coarse. If I use the phone directly to change the playback speed, I can choose increments of .1, which is much more desirable.

I wish I could go back to the latest version of 12.x

The only positive feature about 13.x is that the phone unlocks instantly now with face recognition, as opposed to the .5 second lag before. I can live without this as long as CarPlay works better,

Hard to say, as I have found all 13.x releases stable.

iOS and iPadOS have been stable for me, although the Kindle app crashes on launch on iPadOS. My iPhone 11 was the only personal computing device I took with me on a week long trip earlier this month and it did everything I asked of it, when I asked, without fail.

Mail, however, is flaky. It doesn’t crash, but notification banners don’t appear in sync with messages, and it seems to be inconsistent with when it even bothers to check/download from some accounts. And this isn’t a “stability” thing but putting that huge pile of not-reply actions behind the Reply button is a huge failure IMHO

I finally updated to iOS 13 this morning. So far so good. Seems a bit faster, and I like the UI tweaks, though the change in cursor selection is stymying me. Haven’t tried using Mail yet, but it was never a go-to app for me anyway so I think I’m leaving it alone for now. No crashes on any apps.

Still waiting a few more weeks before considering Catalina, though.

I have 13.2.3 installed, and it does a weird 2/3
screen thing every once in a while. Apps open on the left 2/3 or 4/5 of the screen, with a black strip to the right. (Question mark added time show empty space). It also doesn’t reorient to portrait when I open the case sometimes, requiring me to rotate the iPad.

since 13.1 I’ve had very few issues with either my iPhone XR or my iPad Pro 10.5. That is, about as few issues as I had with iOS 12. I know that’s not everyone’s experience, but it’s been mine.

Has Podcasts updated for the new CarPlay? (I use Overcast and it’s been fine in the two CarPlay cars I’ve been in with iOS 13)/