iOS 13 and Bluetooth - not connecting to car media

Good morning…I just upgraded to the iPhone 11 Pro, and have iOS 13.1.3 installed (this version installed on October 15th). Before installing the latest iOS version, I was having issues with the Bluetooth connection to my car (Subaru Forester) and my Garmin watch (725xt). No issues with my iPhone 7. I installed the new iOS and the watch issues disappeared. However, I am still having an issue with the car bluetooth. I can connect but as soon as I exit the car and return (amount of time does not matter as I have experimented) the car does not connect to the phone. The car media is listed on the bluetooth connections screen, and I tap it to connect, but it says that the car media bluetooth is not detected - either off or our of range. I then go into the car set up, delete the phone, reconnect, and I am set until the next time I re-enter the car. Is anyone else having this issue? I searched on the Apple forums and other online sites, and read about the same issue with versions .2 and .3, so I am wondering if I will have to wait for the next upgrade to correct the issue.

I had what may have been the same — or at least related — problem. I would connect my phone (SE) to my car, I’d begin playing a track, and it would just fade out and disconnect.

My solution was to “Reset Network Settings” on my phone, here: Settings > General > Reset. Then I re-paired my phone and car.

Be advised, this will blow any wi-fi networks, as well, so you’ll need to rejoin them from scratch.

Thanks - I did the reset but all of my bluetooth connections were still listed in the settings. Should these have been cleared with the reset?

Interesting: I just checked, and my Bose headphones are still listed as one of “my devices” when Bluetooth is enabled — even though I haven’t connected to them since at least a month before I upgraded to iOS 13, and certainly not since I reset the network settings on the phone last week.

So… no, I guess old devices will apparently stay listed.

But if your experience is anything like mine, you’ll have to re-pair with all of them as though for the first time.