IOS 13 and iPadOS, Formatting USB Drive

Read some more info today about supported files systems in the upcoming IOS 13 and iPadOS. I remember reading that NTFS is not supported, but, there was nothing said about how to format or reformat a attached USB drive. Anyone heard the answer to that yet? I have several 1TB USB drives laying around, (because of MacSparky :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::innocent:), some new, never used, that I want to bring into play when the new updates drop this fall. Of course, I am 100% iPhone and iPad these days, so there is no Mac to fall back to.

No word yet on formatting capabilities in iOS 13.

FYI thereโ€™s an interesting thread about the general topic here.

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Thanks bowline! I will read the link.

How does one get insight on how much space is on oneโ€™s USB hard drive when connected to an iPad Pro?

There is no way for me to see how much space is on that drive, itโ€™s maddening. I just got a message โ€œThere is not enough space.โ€

Well, thanks(!)

Anyone? :slight_smile: