iOS 13 Flagged Sent Email - Bug or Feature?

So far I am loving the consistent flagged colors of Mac in Catalina and iOS (except for some reason Catalina keeps trying to change my gray flags to red).

I’ve noticed however that any messages I flag in sent mail are not showing up in the Flagged smart mailbox in iOS. This seems like a strange oversight as I often flag emails for follow-up if I don’t hear back. Is anyone else having this problem? I’m seeing emails from every other mailbox except trash and sent. Trash I can forgive even though Mac will surface those in the flag smart folders.

As a side note, a search in iOS for flagged messages will surface those in sent, but not those in trash which has me super confused. In any case I don’t like the inconsistent behavior.

Same thing for me. Flagged messages in the sent box don’t show up in the smart mailbox. But if I move the flagged message to another folder, it shows up again as expected. Maybe this smart mailbox is configured to ignore sent messages.

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