iOS 13 Smart battery charging

The iOS 13 introduced the smart charging which is supposed to keep the battery charge level at 80 % for the most of the night before waking app. The question is - can you see this effect? For a few nights I check the battery graph in iOS and I see no proof that battery level keeps around 80 % for a few hours.

Is is a bug in mine or you do not see a proof of this working as well?

Yeah, it takes a while to learn your routine, and I feel like it reset to not having that history a few times during the betas. Check again a couple of weeks after you have had 13.1


Yep it works :smiley:
I charge overnight and this is the pattern shown. I’ve been on 13.1 beta for a while so it’s a matter of waiting.


Do you need to have the “bedtime” feature on? I turned it off and use my own alarms.

Nope I don’t use it I guess it learns from your usage pattern

Well it has been two weeks now and on both my iPhones (7Plus and 8) I still see no evidence of this feature working. Latest iOS. Thaťs really weird.

Amazing. How long did your iPhone charged to 100 % before you woke up?