IOS 14.4.1 will not install

I just downloaded 14.4.1 to my iPad. Everything was find until after the process completed the “preparing to install” function. After that, the install icon remains grayed out. I cannot click it. I have rebooted but nothing seems to active the final installation.

The process is working fine on my iPhone.

Has anyone else had a problem installing the update on an iPad?

I could be wrong, but I think it has to be plugged in or the battery over 50% to start an install – you are just below the threshold in the screenshot.


Oh, that makes sense! I’ll plug it in! Thanks!

@Tony that was indeed the problem, thanks again. I’ll leave this post up in case it helps someone else.

I’m embarrassed that I failed to notice the small print under the icon.


Actually, I’ve just looked at your screenshot more closely. Specifically the line of text just below Install Now… thought I remembered seeing it somewhere before!

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Just had this fail on my iPhone 8 - had a different error message.

  1. Retry
  2. Remind me later

I selected ‘Retry’ - battery at 96%, not plugged in. Seems to be working…

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