iOS 14 draft email issue on iPhone 6s

If there’s someone on the forum who is running iOS 14 on a 6s, can you please riddle me this: On the one we have, if I pull up a draft email in the native Apple Mail app, I can no longer edit it. We used to be able to simply pull the draft up, click anywhere and start to edit, and indeed, this is how it works on my iPhone 11.

But for some reason, with the 6s, it’s like the touches to the screen don’t exist. I was wondering if this is a bug in the os for older devices, or if it’s just this particular device somehow?

Somebody who uses an iPhone 6s, running iOS 14? That’s me!

Just tested this out, Mail is working fine for Drafts. Both creating new + editing old drafts works well. The issue may be contained within your device.

I only tested using iCloud, so it could be your email provider?


Thanks very kindly for the reply. I’ll have to do a deeper dive into what might be at issue. The idea that it’s the provider is a valid one, I’m pretty sure my wife’s on gmail.