iOS 14 - Favorite features?

Now that we got some play time with the public beta, What is your favorite feature or new trick so far?

I just had a great experience on FaceTime in picture in picture while exchanging and commenting about some photos in the background.

I will just need some screen sharing abilities and it will be on par with a desktop videoconferencing or even better with the touch candy of IOS tactile experience.

I’ve had the public beta for about a day now.

These are the 3 things that have stood out:

  1. The App Library, I was already using spotlight search to open most apps, but it’s even better now.
  2. The new animation when notifications arrive, it’s more playful somehow
  3. The small popup for calls is great, but what’s even better is it’s completely dismissed if you silence it!

The Siri widget is pretty good. It will shows you your app based on your usage but how it stands out is that there is no background to this widget, and you’d think that the 6 apps on your screen are how you’d placed it there.

So far, my favorite gesture is press-hold the row of dots at the bottom of the screen and swipe back and forth to quickly jump to a different screen (page?). This would be really nice if swiping all the way to the right would end up on the App Library.


Having recently-used HomeKit devices in the widgets screen is nice.

Although I don’t need it, sound recognition in Accessibility would be super useful for some people.

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Oh! I missed this bit!
First thing I did was to only keep one screen of apps and one of widgets and hide all the others in favor of the App Library . It has been working out pretty well so far


Sound recognition is sensitive. I turned it on for a while, and every five minutes it told me it heard running water.

Aquarium 10 feet away.

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I’m very impressed with the quality of the audio while using the headphone accommodation feature. I’m hearing details in music that I’ve never noticed before.


Which settings do you use for the Headphone Accommodations ? Does this act as an equalizer ?

I don’t know, but I’ve turned it on and noticed better noise cancellation :man_shrugging:

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I like the back tapping feature on Accessibility. I have two taps to turn on the flashlight and three taps to take a picture with Halide Camera. Having shortcuts and Siri suggestion as widget home screen really made everything better with this release.

I was looking forward to Translate but it doesn’t have integration with Safari. You still need to copy/paste it to the Translate app and it won’t even translate multiple paragraphs. I hope they’d still improve this one since it has the most potential to be useful as I don’t need to use Chrome to open non-English websites.

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Click Custom Audio Setup and it will walk you through it.

You can use Translate with Safari. It is activated from the same place as Reader View.


Search now displays results as you type.

It will also include any shortcuts on your Home Screen in search results.

This lets you basically emulate the launching (but not the search) functions of Alfred on the iPad, by creating shortcuts with abbreviations that correspond to your Alfred keywords.

And it learns from your usage, like Alfred.


Wow that is a great find !
I have to start thinking of my prefixing system and how I can mirror my Mac (km , Alfred) and I(pad)OS setups !

Yeah - if only they’d let you pass a query string from the search field…

Actually — if you set up a Shortcut with an existing Drafts action like so, it’s nearly as smooth b/c (unlike using a prompt action) it focuses on the input field immediately after you select the Shortcut.

thanks for the heads up. I checked again with the previous Safari and it doesn’t show up when I clicked the Reader button. The translate function is missing. Changed to English to Spanish too, to see if it only works for English to Spanish but it still doesn’t show up.

Time to hit up the feedback button.

I just tried but it does not seem that I am presented with shortcuts search results . Did I miss a settings page somewhere ?

I seemed to be able to see the Aftershokz headset battery in the battery widget. Is that new to iOS 14 or if it’s already available since iOS 13?

The shortcuts need to be added to your home
screen to appear in search results.