iOS 14 Personal Automations - Can it run when screen is locked?

I have a personal automation to open Devonthink on my iPad at 5:30am. The idea is that the app can sync early in the morning so when I want to use it, its up to date.

Sadly this automation is not running and gives an error - “cannot open app”

The same automation runs perfectly when the screen is not locked, i.e when I am using my iPad.

Therefore, can personal automation run when screen is locked and/or off?

I have personal automations which change my Apple Watch face which run without being unlocked.

Can you please try to setup a personal automation on your phone to see if it runs when locked?

something like this:

It prompted me to run the action, which required me to unlock.

Cool thanks mate.

So it wont run without unlocking. Fair enough.

Maybe Apple are hedging against someone downloading a shortcut which runs and app a=without their knowledge. :man_shrugging:t2: