iOS 14 Photo Captions!

Finally, if this was the only thing they added in iOS 14, I would be happy. The best thing is that it is available on both the iPhone and iPad. So now I can quickly caption my photos right after the event. Before I had to wait until I got home to my Mac and if I was on a trip, that could be days or weeks.

And yes it is searchable. I added a caption to a photo on my iPad and a few seconds later searched for it on my iPhone. When something like this happens, the Apple ecosystem seems magical.


I saw this in a quick YT video. How do you get to the interface to input the captions? It doesn’t seem to be in the edit area.

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Swipe up on the photo in the Photos app and you’ll get the option.

Not the most obvious UI, but once you know it’s there, it is very natural. It even reminded me that you can edit live photos in this area.

I was very happy to see this feature as well!

It doesn’t look like it’s possible to edit the title of the image the way you can on a Mac (only the description), but it’s still a big step forward.

Previously I resorted to keeping time-stamped notes in Drafts as I was taking photos…and had to manually copy and paste these notes into Photos once I was back at my Mac. This is much more convenient.

Great feature to know about. Thanks for the tip.

My good camera doesn’t have gps so I often take additional pictures with my iPhone to provide geotagging.

Apple should have done that a LONG LONG time ago! I use to use a third party app to apply tags (which certainly is not as good as a caption). I wasn’t real good about keeping up with it but at least Hashphotos gave it a try. I found the lil app rather endearing.