iOS 14 Widget tedium

I’m finding Widgets are marginally useful after a night of tinkering.

One thing I’m not a fan of us the UI for creating Stacks and adding them to a homepage. The going joke on Reddit the insanity of trying to drag an app to a folder on say the right edge of the screen and having the folder jump out of the way as if each was a magnet with the same polarity.


We’re still stuck in the “finger paradigm” where we’re expected to drag things around with our finger. This no longer makes sense as the only method of managing Springboards.

Some Options

  1. The Apple TV makes it simple to move apps to folders with a simple tap of the Play/Pause button during wiggle mode and a list of folders. Ideal for those of us who have clearly defined folder structure. This makes sense as an option.

  2. Widget Stacks should be modifiable in place. I shouldn’t have to drag and drop Widgets they should have a “+” button for me to choose another Widget to add to the stack. Dragging one over the other is painful on a loaded with apps and folders Springboard.

  3. Add a feature with the support apps that allows you to create the perfect folder/app/widget structure based on a given iOS device and allow that to be uploaded as a configuration file.

I’m not saying move away from drag and drop but give us some options that don’t wreck our Springboards while we try to set things up.

Sorry to read about your issues. Personally, I have no trouble picking adding widgets to the stack.

Maybe it just takes a bit of practice?

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Same here. Specifically, the medium size Siri suggestion of 8 apps widget. I cannot get that on a stack. I would love for it to be the top widget and have other functionality underneath.

I am having an issue that I did not expect. Have been using the iPhone for so long, these widgets are new and I do not know how to set up my home screen. Its like I dont know what to do with these widgets.

The widgets look nice but I am struggling to incorporate them. I suppose will take some time.

I would have preferred something like the Calendar icon. Where the app icon updates with the current date or the current weather etc.

Now that I think about, this is a huge change compared to the regular grid layout of our home screens.

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I am keeping it very simple to start. The Calory app (my preferred food tracker/weight loss) app, is at the top. Shows me macro levels and overall calories. Under that is the Stack feature. (calendar, fitness, music, notes, weather, battery, Siri Suggestions, pics, news) with the Smart rotate feature on.

That’s it.

I am starting with everything in my App Library, and then moving Apps to the home screen as necessary.

I definitely love starting over and figuring out what I can just search for versus have on the home screen.

I will post a screen show to his later.


Thanks for letting me rant. It’s likely a PEBKAC issue as I’ve got too much stuff…I’m somewhat of an app hoarder. My next phone …I promise and swear to keep things clean and end springboard clutter.