IOS 16- everyone’s favorite new thing?

How many do you have? How many do you want?

I have 9

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I’m starting to regret it now. My girlfriend has discovered it and I’m being bombarded with messages with cutouts of me, cats, random objects in the street etc.


Just in case anyone else is looking for it, I just discovered that battery percentage on the battery icon is not available on the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 13 Mini.

Can you only change the photos on the Lock Screen automatically or can you also do the wallpaper?

That is coming soon. It’s already in the next beta

AFAIK the battery percentage displayed isn’t a measurement, it is just an estimate based on voltage and time.

Is the audio widget supposed to disappear when pausing? What’s the point if I can only use it to pause, but not unpause?

Thanks. That’s good to know!

Dictation! Hadn’t tried it in several iOS versions, but MacSparky is so right. It’s a game changer now.

I’m using dictation instead of keyboard mind mapping as the starting point for idea capture on my iPhone.

Might be coincidence, but the reduced error rate of dictation, for me, has reached an inflection point where the error rate of typo’s using my iPhone is actually worse. (Yeah, could be getting older or could be the declining accuracy of iOS auto-correct, or both)

Cognitively, I am enjoying stream of conscious dictating (and then correcting later) than frustrated typing where I correct the typos as I go which interrupts my thoughts and flow at the wrong time.

IDK if this is a novel fad and I’ll go back to typing in a week or so, but worth giving it a shot.


I’m curious if this is a new iOS 16 thing or maybe this is iOS 15, my wife wants to use Apple reminders all of a sudden for the grocery store, instead of Amazon Reminds, but now if she adds something to the list I get an alert saying something was added to that list. I like getting the notification and just curious when this happend.

But it seems like I can’t just select an album, right? I still have to manually choose the photos from that album, as far as I can tell. Hopefully I’m wrong, because I already have an album of wallpaper images that I add to regularly, and I would like to be able to just point it at that album. I currently have a shortcut picking wallpapers for me from that album, but then I have to use the “regular” Lock Screen, not the fancy new ones with the widgets.

I have the max, which I think is 12. Honestly, 15 might be enough. Part of the problem is that not all workouts can be automation triggers so I have to use a focus mode for workouts like tennis and softball.