iOS 17 - Privacy Issue with Photo?

Not sure if this is a bug or not. But after installing iOS 17, several of my contacts photos were updated without my permission. Before 17, when opening a contact, it would ask do you want to update name / photo.

I was surprised to see this behavior. Another instance last night, I contacted a friend of mine (IT engineer) and he was surprised that iOS 17 picked a different photo for some of his contacts without asking him to use that photo. The photo for his profile that he shares with others. He never made the photo update to his profile, yet it shared the photo and told me that he’s the one who updated it, but I could revert my photo back?

This was not smooth.

Not sure Photos would know who’s associated with what contact unless you’ve already identified one of the pictures as that contact in photos.

If you’ve done that, and it could recognize the new photo based on similarity.

Agreed that it’s very surprising if iOS is automatically updating the contact image … unless – is the new contact photo the key photo for that person in Photos?