iOS API shortcut help

I’m looking for a way to make a shortcut with the API found here:

On my iPad, I want to copy a Bible reference to the clipboard, then run a shortcut that will take that reference and the API (see above) and paste back to the clipboard the results. Then I can paste those results in my text editor.

I have a Token for the API. I also have Pythonista on my iPad. I just don’t know how to put all these pieces together. Any savvy helpers out there?

Refer to the screenshot below. You will need to change top part to get the input from clipboard.


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Thank you very much for the help! It seems to be working!

I notice on the ESV API website in the “passage lookup” example ( there are parameters that can be set allowing the user to include/exclude headings, footnotes, verse-numbers, etc. Parameters are listed here:

How would I add a parameter to the ULR to exclude verse numbers?

@sw113 I believe you would add &include-verse-numbers=false To the end of your url.

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Thank you, Dustin. That worked!
Is there any way to remove line breaks from the output it formatted into one single block of text?

I got it working. I added a “replace text” action and had it remove the characters \n so the output is now a single block of text.

Can you post a link to this shortcut.

I’ve followed the steps but I can’t get something like John 1:1 to work.

For the token text should it be: Token {{ abcdefg }}?

I believe this is where I’m messing up as I can do a quick look and it’s getting the text but stops after that and I have it set to get from clipboard and everything else is identical to the picture in this forum except I have my API key entered.

Does anyone have a shortcut they can share for this? This is one of my high-priority shortcuts for iOS 13.

Check out this thread: