iOS App for Two-Factor Authentication

I’m just curious What app you prefer to use for Two-Factor Authentication. Do you prefer Authy, Google Authenticator, or something entirely different?



I use Duo. There must be at least 20 characters.

I use Duo, which also has a phone and watch app. I can respond to push requests, or get a code for those who don’t push.
Saves me a lot of grief logging into things for school.

Edit: 1Password too. As @bowline pointed out, copying the code to the clipboard is nice.

Authy has been good for me. Almost always pull up on my Apple Watch.

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1Password. I love that it copies the one-time code into my clipboard for immediate pasting. The Mac app also shows with a countdown ring how much time is left for the current one-time password before it gets refreshed.

Mac/Windows/iOS/Android, and has browser extensions for all major browsers. The Apple Watch app not only will pull up one-time passwords for you but also lets you access credit card numbers and PINs, bank account details, passport numbers, and Wi-Fi passwords

Also, as of June 2019 1Password supports U2F security keys, including those made by Feitian, Google and Yubikey. (I don’t have any of these keys, and I’ve read it only works [at least on iOS] with Safari - but that appears to be an iOS limitation, not an app limitation.)

I use 1 password for personal use but Duo for all corporate clients.

I use Authy, works well enough…

Another vote for 1Password. If I weren’t using it for password management I might look for another solution, but since I am, it’s handy to have everything in one place. And, as @bowline notes above, having the one-time code automatically copied is a really nice touch (as is the countdown ring).

1Password here as well. Works great! Previously was using Authy

I use authy.

Maybe someone can correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t like the idea of using my password manager for two factor authentication. I feel like it defeats the point. If someone were to somehow get access to my password manager, they would also have access to my 2fa codes. I want them to only live on my phone under a separate password.

FYI we discussed that consideration here. I never heard of a single person using 1P (in 2011 AgileBits said they had “100s of thousands” of users, and it’s probably millions now, considering it’s on Windows, Android and even ChromeOS now) who ever had this happen to them in the 5-6 years that 1P has integrated 2fa - have you?

Someone would also need to get into the user’s device first (and then have to get into 1P of course). Incredibly, incredibly unlikely. Besides, it would mean having to have two unique passwords to remember instead of one, and the convenience is considerably less by using the second app.

I feel similarly. I’m not completely at ease with putting all my eggs into one codebase and these functions are ones that I feel should be highly separated, though I do think that using 1Password is much, much, much better than using no 2FA at all. I think the actual risk is very low, but we live in a world that also contains Tavis Ormandy.

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I use Authy on my Apple Watch, never had any reason to change as it works great

Authy is my app of choice.