iOS apps most in need of TextExpander integration?

Which iOS apps do you wish supported TextExpander that don’t currently?

For me its:


Mail and Word probably never will, but I have hopes for Things and iAWriter.

All Apple apps… Really!
All Apple apps…

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I use Drafts :slight_smile: TextExapnder is better for shorter stuff, but my email and GTD templates are in Drafts.

You do know that Drafts is a textexpander enabled app, don’t you??

Sure, but once I got my parsers, I almost never used it. Its one of those apps where I saw so many posibilities but couldn’t really use in in real life.

I work with iOS’s text replacement feature. Text Expander on iOS is pretty much unusable for me.


I have the old version of Text Expander on my iPad. It doesn’t work at all!

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Apollo, Firefox, and all the Apple apps.

Mail. Please add it to mail…

WhatsApp! I don’t like the app much but it is indispensable because of the network effect. It would be great if it were to have TextExpander integration.

Text Expander on the iPad is so bad, I just deleted it since it made me feel bad on a daily basis.

I’m surprised at all the dislike for TextExpander on iOS.

I don’t use the app directly, but do enjoy that my snippets work in apps like DevonThink, Drafts, Ulysses, Textastic, etc.

In those apps it works flawlessly, so I’m not sure what problems folks are having.

The system text replacement would be tempting for me except that (i) my most used snippets are for inserted today’s date and/or the current time. I can’t do that with simple expansion, and (ii) I have to use a Windows machine at work. TextExpander works fine there, but (obviously) system keyboard expansion would not.


I totally agree with you! I use the basic snippets from the OS options (keyboard - text replacement) and all others from TE in the enabled apps, works perfectly for me :slight_smile: