IOS camera software for visual reminders

I only just today found out about an old app called Shoots & Leaves which uses the camera to take notes along with a picture and send it to your app of choice. Sadly, it does not appear this app is in circulation anymore.

Does anyone here know of a similar app that still exists? Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Opens with the camera view
  • Lets you save a small bit of reminder text with the captured photo
  • Lets you export either the content or a link to the content to Omnifocus


No experience with it but perhaps Skitch by the Evernote folks will work. Looks like it can share to OF via share to other apps option.

I did notice it hasn’t been updated in quite a while so might be on Apple’s abandoned apps chopping block though.

Could Apple Notes meet your needs? It can be used to add text to images and send them elsewhere. But perhaps not exactly what you want.

As to your specific criteria:

  • It doesn’t open in camera view.
  • Can add text to images.
  • I don’t have Omni Focus on my phone so I don’t know if that is an option.

You can just take a picture with your iPhone, and share that with OF.
You don’t need an extra app for that.

This ought to be pretty straightforward to do in either iOS or macOS Shortcuts.