iOS Cloud Providers

I’ve noticed that 3rd party cloud providers are not what I consider to be first-class citizens. For example, I can’t specify a Dropbox folder as the Safari download folder. Nor can I link a folder from Dropbox into one of the text editor apps (

Both of these I can do with iCloud Drive. Is this because Dropbox doesn’t implement APIs or Apple does allow this functionality with 3rd party cloud providers.

Thanks, just curious.

Can you really specify iCloud as the download folder in iOS? Pretty cool. I’ve never tried that!

Does the same problem occur with Google Drive and OneDrive?

It’s possible to specify other providers if they fully support Apple’s document provider technology.

Working Copy is the only provider I’m aware of that has that level of support.

The lack of other supporting providers I understand is both an Apple issue (in making it difficult to do) and those providers preferring that you use their apps, rather using Files.

Can confirm working copy can be set as default download option for safari in iOS14

Don’t know if it is too hard for devs to incorporate the framework, or it just not occurred to them to do so.

With iOS 13 they added the ability to download files from Safari. You can go into the settings app under the Safari section to set which folder within iCloud the downloads will go to.

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Same issue with Google Drive. I don’t use OneDrive but I guess it would be the same.

Would someone else be willing to test OneDrive then?

I can confirm that OneDrive does not work.

I have all the following, and only Working Copy works:

  • DEVONthink To Go
  • Box
  • Keep It
  • Dropbox
  • Working Copy
  • One Drive
  • PDF Expert
  • Documents
  • Creative Cloud
  • Google Drive
  • Workshare

At least I now know its not a limitation imposed by Apple. Instead its the developers who haven’t implemented it. Perhaps its a pain to implement.

Maybe you should try using Working Copy.