iOS / iPadOS 13.1.2 Stability/Bugs

How stable is iPadOS 13.1.2?

I’ve yet to update any of my devices to iOS13 but I’m itching to update my iPad.

I don’t “pay for my shoes” with it so I guess what I’m really asking is have the iCloud issues, missing keyboards and other bugs been resolved?

Personal Hotspot used to work perfectly (iPad 9.7 and 6s). Now just getting it to work on my iPhone 11 is a struggle every time I use it.

Other than that I can’t recall having any issues recently using 13.1.2.

I have been perfectly happy with it on my 9.7” iPad.
The occasional glitch that really shouldn’t have made it to release, but nothing I can’t overlook.

I wouldn’t want my parents installing it yet though (or wife).

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I have some display bugs, app comes up in a weird, stretched, non-full screen mode some times. Rotating it once and back fixes it every time. Also wondering if it uses more battery, feels like the percentage drops quicker than it used to. (Could also be related to the new “smart charging” feature that don’t stress the battery as much.)

No data loss, all apps are working on my recent iPad Pro 12.9.

As an aside, the Personal Hotspot feature has really improved for me, unlike @WayneG .

I am happy with iPad OS 13, but way more worried about going to macOS Catalina.

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I’m not hearing a clear case for updating

Nope. Not a good idea to update yet. I jumped because I was extremely excited about mouse support, but the bugs are still too numerous. It is my opinion, that they should have held back the release. That would have been a temporary egg on-the-face, versus a long term scare.

Good to know. I’m interested in mouse support too. I’ve been looking at the new Logitech MX3 and new MX Keys Keyboard.

So perhaps the delay in upgrading is worthwhile - more time to save/justify the $200 to Logitech. In all honesty I imagine I’ll shop around rather than spend that much.

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