iOS/iPadOS 13.4.1 released

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I updated. No issues.

FYI I use an iOS app from the respected security company Trail of Bits called iVerify - great app which offers checklist recommendations and settings changes recommended for securing your iOS device, and it does things like remind you weekly to restart your phone (which can disable some types of malware). At any rate, I as surprised when I got an alert from the app telling me about the update yesterday… before the iPhone alerted me, and even before articles about it appeared in the usual Apple-centric websites. Thumbs up for the app! (They even offer an SDK so its features can be built into other apps.)

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Warning, installing this on my 2018 iPad Pro broke bluetooth connectivity to my apple pencil. I’m now downgrading to 13.4 to get it back. Which required restoring from iCloud, so I’ll let y’all know if this works… eventually.

Took about half hour to restore. Apple Pencil works perfectly again, so the problem is fixed.

Now I just have to wait for the rest of my apps to reinstall…

Disappointing. It had been long enough since the last time an apple update had screwed up a major piece of my workflow that I’ve basically been updating without thinking about it. I still remember when the MacOS update screwed up Mail several years ago and Preview a few years after that.