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Where I work we got a bunch of new employees, a coworker made a file with all there contact information filled out, number, email, name, and he also put a nickname for every person and the person that made it put there last name as the nickname, so it says Joe Smith then nickname Smith. It was great the co worker emailed me and I put it in my iCloud account and it went right to my phone.

The problem is if I go to text these people it comes up and the nickname and not the full name . So it will say Smith then when I send the message The Whole name will appear.
My question is why would he put nicknames in it? Does it make it easier? And also I hate how the nickname shows up I want the whole name to show up when I text it or look for it in my contacts . Any way to fix this? And I will delete nicknames if that’s what I have to do.


Yes, just delete the nicknames. Sounds like the coworker didn’t understand their purpose, which is so you can keep John Smith’s real name in the contact but refer to him as Buzz or Ace or iDaddy in search and messages.

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Is it easier to use nicknames with Siri instead of real names or it doesn’t matter?

Nicknames can help Siri disambiguate contacts when multiple have the same name. Other than that, it doesn’t matter unless the nickname is how you tend to think of that person.