iOS Key Commands Help window

I’ve been using the iPhone since Day 1 (proudly stood in line to get the first one) and and iPad shortly after they came out. Today I discovered by mistake a feature I had no idea about, but is so cool.

Using and external keyboard for my iPad, if I hold down the CMD key, a window with a list of all the key commands available will pop up. So handy. Can’t believe I have missed this all these years. I am a huge KC guy on the Mac. This is going to really help me learn my way around.

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I don’t have Cheatsheet installed on the Mac. But I’ve been using the Mac for so long, I know it pretty much inside and out. Not there aren’t KC I could still learn. Btu the apps I use all the time, I have the Kcs in muscle memory.

But I was excited to see this pop up on the iPad - since I have mostly used it for consumption and just getting into using it for Drafts and Things.

Thanks @maennig

I agree that is a great feature. As far as I remember, it was introduced in iOS 9.