IOS Mail Sending Out In Incorrect Email Account

I will admit, I have not test this on my XR yet, but on my IPad Pro, my emails have recently started going out through the incorrect email address. Using the native mail app. In the configuration, it is set to go out under a certain gmail account, but for some reason, it is now going out under a second, (of three), gmail accounts that I have, even though it is set correctly on the device. I compose and send my emails while in the all inboxes View, so it’s not like I am sending from the alternative address. I don’t go into a gmail app, so…?? :face_with_monocle:

And to add to my question. I DO know how to change the “Send From” when composing a email, but my concern is, WHY am I all of a sudden needing to do this? The email account that it is sending it from now is my junk mail account. I just use it for subscriptions and Gov-Mint sign ups :face_with_monocle:.

Anyway, I find it interesting.

My first instinct would be to check

Settings>Mail>Default Account
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Thanks! That was my first stop. It is set to the correct account.

Hmmm very puzzling indeed then!

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