#iOS One Thing Apps

Apps you use for one thing


  • app does basically one task
  • not necessarily a best app in the universe
  • app does your specific task well
  • it does what you want not what some “expert” suggests


Stretch is my favorite timer for exercise rest intervals. Just five places to set intevals. Touch the button it beeps and stops at the time I specified. (I do most exercises seated near a table.)


Splitscreen mode with Kindle page on the left and …

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I have to add Zero to the list for anyone who is looking at starting or maintaining IF. It’s a personalized Intermittent Fasting app that is extremely simple and only designed for fasting. It’s quick, intuitive, and uses push notifications for notifying when to begin and end a fast. I’ve used it for over a year and still find it’s guidance helpful. New users can follow a structured plan or set their own rules up to match their needs.

Screenshot of the dashboard showing the simplicity with big button in the center :wink: image

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Anothe little app… Many in-app purchases … I useit mostly to add slogans to colorful backgrounds.image