iOS: Selecting Predictive Text w/ Physical Keyboard

I’m loving the Magic Keyboard on the new iPad Air.

Often, as I’m typing a longer word on the physical keyboard, I see that the word I am in the process of typing show up as the middle word on the predictive text bar. If I keep typing, eventually the word will highlight in the predictive text bar, and I can select it just by typing the spacebar. But by the point it finally highlights, I might as well just finish typing the word in question.

Does anyone know if there is any way to select the middle word suggested by predictive text via keyboard shortcut before it eventually highlights? I know i can use the trackpad or my finger, but again, by that point, I might as well just finish typing the word.

(I have googled this far and wide. I’m surprised I could not find an answer, even if the answer is “NO.”)

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