iOS Share Button: Can I Remove iMessage Contact Photos?

I use the iOS safari share button at least 50 times each day, virtually never to actually send an iMessage. However, in recent history, Apple changed it so that the top bar is iMessage and all of my contacts appear with their photos.

Without getting into the nitty gritty of my personal life, there’s several people I iMessage with sporadically that I’d prefer not to be reminded of by seeing a thumbnail of their photo 50x a day when I am surfing the internet. I could probably strip the contact of the photo (but sometimes it comes back since they are the ones to put it there!!) but then I’d still have to look at their names 50x a day.

I can’t find any customization to remove this feature. I also don’t use a lot of iOS apps so I’m not sure if this is a safari specific thing or if it’s iOS wide.

Maybe the answer is switching to a different web browser on iOS. This is mostly a problem on my iPad because there’s more screen real estate and I can see photos of contacts easier. I rarely use my iPhone for any webbbrowsing so not even sure if this shows up there. Thanks, y’all! :slight_smile:

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Remove images in Contacts > Edit > Edit (photo) and then choose a generic icon