iOS: Show suggested and recent apps?

I’ve recently started using an iPad and I’ve just disabled the option to have 3 apps picked for me by Siri to show in the dock as I want to fill the dock as much as possible with my choices and not get overly cramped.

Actually, my main driving force was to stop getting nagged by my reminders app twice in the dock.

Does anyone actually value these suggestions? I wonder if I’m missing something neat.

I find them useful, primarily as a way to easily switch back to or multitask with apps that aren’t in my dock already.


I liked having the most recently used apps show up but then one of the game apps I have loaded decided it would always show up even when I turned off the suggested apps option. Now, at certain times, I’m stuck with an app unwontedly showing up and adjusting icon locations.

Your probably know, but you can put folders in the dock, if you need access to more apps while doing side-by-side, etc.

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I’ve decided to try an idea I heard from somewhere recently, with most-used apps along the centre and a folder on each end.