IOS Thoughts and Recomendations?

Over in the Hardware (?) side of town they are talking weather to go all IOS or not. For full disclosure, I did at least a year ago.

My “concerns” since my switch have been: not being able to back up my iCloud “stuff” to a local drive, (I LIKE doing the three rotations in my hands). Another “concern” is what looks to me is, there’s not true long term back up fo Apple Note (which I have a ton). Last, as crazy as it may sound, don’t shoot me, I miss the mouse. I have neurological problems and at times the touch keys move left or right as I go to touch them, ( yes I know, the keys don’t move, my eyes lose focus).

Any ‘ol hoot, anyone out there thinking of going 100% IOS, here are my only very minor hang ups.

For the local backup, you could just get an old Mini and shove it in a cupboard doing its sync and backup thing (even with Backblaze if you want another layer).
Rather than thinking of it as owning a Mac, think of it is a backup device.
That would solve points 1 and 2 I think.

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