iOS14 is a bit flaky

I don’t normally have any problems with iOS or the annual updates, but this time it seems to have lots of little issues, is it just me?

Timed automations in Shortcuts aren’t reliable

The share sheet sometimes doesn’t have anything in it to share too! Othertimes it has lots of options but not the one I want eg Notes. Sometimes restarting the app fixes this

The phone (iPhone 8) also seems noticeably slower than before.

It may just be me, but things don’t seem as polished as normal.

I say you are right.
I’m having lot’s of trouble with 14.2 in beta. Way more than with other x.y beta updates before. Lots of buttons are not working and lots of apps are freezing and need to be closed and reopened to work. I say you are right.

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I haven’t updated it yet to 14 on my iPhone because 1) I’ve done it on my iPad and have had some issues and 2) don’t feel confident from what I’m hearing from the community (widgets are not a strong enough reason to take the risk).

I remember the times when I didn’t even blink when pushing the update button on day 1 (disclaimer: have never been on a beta release) … but since last year, things have changed…

Why is that?

Is Apple rushing on yearly updates? Is it because we (as a community) became less tolerant? Is it both?

I’m also finding it buggy.

Mail in particular has a lot of interface problems. For example, earlier today I wanted to move an email and the folders screen froze so I was unable to choose where to put the email. Then, it sent the email to a folder that I didn’t want it sending to (I was trying to send to SaneLater and it sent it to SaneBlackHole instead, which isn’t good!)

I’ve also found Files has some awful bugs too.

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Starting to type a message and it takes a couple of seconds to catch up :frowning:

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