Ios14- where do the newly installed apps hide?

I’ve just installed an app but it’s not in the Recently Installed folder. How can I find it so I can put it where it belongs?

Does anyone else have a problem getting apps out of the Recently Installed folder? It’s like they are superglued in.

This is not one of Apple’s better ideas.

You can still search for it from the App Library, and move it from the Search result.


On iPadOS I’m able to drag the app, but not on iOS.

This could be of use to you if you don’t want newly installed app to hide

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By changing the setting to Home Screen, that app finally showed up in App Library, and I was able to drag it out of there.

Mine turn up in all sorts of strange places. I do have a LOT of apps though. I collect them (too).

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  • Open the App Library
  • In the Recently Added group, tap the square in the lower right corner that has four icons in the view
  • Touch and hold the app icon you want to add to the home screen
  • A menu will pop open - choose “Add to Home Screen” from the menu

This works with (almost) any group in App Library

That assumes the app even shows up there. With the last app that I installed, it did not.

If you can find the app by searching in App Library, then you can use steps 3 and 4 in the process I outlined.


Even though I’ve dragged most of the recently-installed apps to the folders I’ve chosen, those apps still show up in “Recently Installed”. How long does this persist? Can their icons be removed from “Recently Installed”, without deleting the app (I"ve already found out that deleting the icon from Recently Installed actually deletes the app from the folder I’ve dragged it too)

If you had all your recent apps installed on the Home Screen, you shouldn’t bother seeing their icons are still in “Recently installed” category. They don’t consume your phone storage. I usually don’t even look at “App Library” page.