Ios15 and Monterey

Can anyone tell me if iOS 15 has been released? How about Monterey?

I am thinking they are but I thought I’d double-check.

I know it’s conservative not to rush to upgrade a computer but the iOS is more stable, right?

iOS will be generally available at 10:00 AM PST, but may vary in different parts of the world. Here's When You Can Download iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 [Now Available] - MacRumors

Edit: at 1:15 pm EST (10:15 PST) iOS 15 is available for my iPhone 11

Nothing has been announced with regard to Monterey.

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The iOS 15 betas have been very stable. However I would wait until tomorrow just to be sure that nothing weird has slipped through unnoticed.

Also, Apple’s servers are bound to be swamped today by all the nerds trying to update on the first day, so it will probably be easier and quicker to do it tomorrow.

I’m on the final beta of iOS 15 and will be waiting until tomorrow myself, FWIW.

As far as Monterey… I wouldn’t expect to see it before the end of October.


I didn’t wait, I just upgraded. I have historically done so with few problems.


It’s worth mentioning that the forum looks great in Safari 15! :grinning:


I really appreciate that Safari 15 (WebKit?) improved on displaying text selection. Previously, when selecting multiline text, the selection indicator will go through the paragraph’s html container.

Also yes, I really like that the color of toolbar and tab bar mimic discourse’s navbar