iPad 16.1 Mail search broken, sucking battery like nobody's business?

I’ve updated my 2018 12.9" iPad Pro to iPad OS 16.1 and was looking forward to better search in Mail.

BUT, when I search for something like “Yesterday” using the date tokens, after an initial set of results, I start seeing the message list flash, and the “Searching…” text appear at the bottom. No new messages appear after each flash (though I know it is not showing me all the results it should).

It looks like the search process is crashing and re-running itself over and over. When this happens, the battery is sucked down at a bizarrely high rate. (Mail suddenly accounts for >50% of my batter usage when it usually is close to 10%.

I suspect this has something to do with Mail screwing up the indexing of mail. Is there any way to force that process to restart? Is anybody else seeing this behavior? (FWIW, the same search works pretty much as expected with the same accounts on my iPhone running 16.1.)

Interesting, I didn’t realize they added these date tokens to Mail on iPad OS. I just tried it and it was fast and none of the bugs you mentioned. I’m using an 12.9" M1 iPad Pro.

I called up the Search Window in Mail (also 2018 12,9), after your post, for the first time, and it shows me in light grayed below the window “indexing…”.
I installed the OS upon release, so it seems that it startet the indexing only after my first call for the search.
Maybe it is also still indexing on your system?

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