iPad a second-class AirPod citizen?

I have my AirPods paired with my iPhone, iPad Pro 10.5 and 2 Macs. I have this weird problem that whenever the AirPads are connected to either of the two Macs, the iPad cannot “grab” the AirPods from the Mac. No matter how often I try, even when turning bluetooth off and then back on, I cannot get the AirPods to connect to my iPad Pro. Rebooting solves this problem, but as soon as I connect them to the Mac, I have the same problem again.
However, with my iPhone I can grab them from the Mac with the first attempt, and once they are connected to the iPhone, my iPad Pro can reliably grab them with the first attempt as well. So I have a work-around, which I can live with.
Not sure what’s going on here - whether my AirPods are at fault, or maybe a bug in the firmware or a software issue overall.
Do you have similar experiences?

Yeah, sometimes I have to re-pair them with the iPad. And sometimes I have to re-pair them with the Mac after I’ve used them with the iPhone and/or iPad.

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I have those issues too. Probably end up repairing every month or so.

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Once you repair them, will they then seamlessly switch between all three (iPhone, iPad, Mac) for a while at least? I have not repaired them, since my workaround works…

I have the same issues with my iPad and my Apple Watch. My iPhone takes over the Airpods even if they are already “connected” to the other device.

Especially annoying when I’m about to leave for a run thinking my AirPods are connected to my watch and then my iPhone "steals’ the connection again and it goes back and forward between my iPhone and Watch/iPad.
Sometimes I have to turn off bluetooth on my iPhone.
I do re-pair them often, and solves the issues temporarily.
I hope iOS 12 brings more stability.

Happy to report that with iOS 12 and macOS High Sierra, this problem has gone away.