iPad Air2 - slow / time to upgrade/ toss

So I recently replaced the screen on my Air 2 - cellular 64gb with 13.5.1 installed. I got a good screen $110 ouch, as I heard the cheaper ones had color issues. All went well but I’ve noticed the iPad is a little sluggish at times. On the amazon.com website in Safari it seems not to like to scroll sometimes and sometimes safari seems to be laggy / hangs for a tiny bit.

I am not sure if this is due to the fact of not using it for a year and being use to faster devices. Wonderful if folks have similar issues. Is the iPad Air 2 a viable option in aug 2020 or has it gone the way of older iPads, I have the first and second gen iPads and they are basically unusable. Perhaps it’s the screen digitizer. Wouldn’t hurt to do a fresh install of iOS but I am pretty sure I did that.

Fresh install of iOS is always a good start… but the fact that you had the screen replaced leads me to believe that this is the real issue here.

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I have an iPad Air 2 and it’s still fast, so it might be the screen.