iPad & Archaeology

This is a very interesting (long) description from Apple of how a Tulane-managed team of archaeologists uses iPad Pro, lidar, and Concepts to document their dig at Pompeii.

Concepts has been in my top five favorite iPad apps for a long time.



I love this app and want to subscribe even though I have no possible use for it in my life. Its just so cool.

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This was a delightful read, which is a little odd considering how it’s just a fluff piece for Apple, but once in a while their editorial team shows their true colours.

I am now convinced of two things:

  1. I need to give Concepts another go. I could never wrap my head around it before.
  2. My job is sooooooooo boring.

That LiDAR Scanner app is super cool!
Can’t wait to try it!

Note that the App Store list of compatible phones is wrong, and you do need an iPhone 12 Pro or above.

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I’ve seen a couple of geologists use the iPhone for LiDAR, it’s cool.

I very much feel using an iPad in the field is biased towards people who work in places where it’s sunny and dry all field season, and where it’s not muddy.

It’s much cheaper to lose your paper notebook in a bog. And paper notebooks are quite forgiving of a British summer :grimacing: