iPad Face ID flat on table?

I’m finding Face ID on the new iPad largely great. When I’m holding the iPad or have it propped in front of me, no issues. However, about 20% of the time I have it flat on the table in front of me to write on it with the pencil or glance at something during a meeting. Flat on a table Face ID won’t work for me, I have to awkwardly put my face over the device or lift it up somewhat.

Has anyone found a way around this issue? Am I doing it wrong somehow?

It has a wider view than the phone but can still only unlock in a cone above the camera. I’m not sure of the exact angle. Portrait is worse than landscape because either the camera is further away or so close that it’s viewing angle of your face is too low.

I don’t see how it could work better in that situation without a raised bump for Face ID, unfortunately.

This is the one situation Touch ID is better at. With Touch ID I would train my index and middle fingers at the angles I’d use when reaching out on a flat surface. Face ID saves time overall, but it’s definitely not as discreet here.

Yes, I frequently have my 11" iPad on the desk in front of me so I can take notes in GoodNotes. If the iPad went into sleep mode, I have to raise it up for Face ID to work. It’s just quicker in that case to key in the passcode and move on.

Some apps (GoodNotes?) have a “keep alive” feature to prevent sleep when the app is open.