iPad lifestyle with Google Docs

I’m trying to embrace more of the iPad lifestyle, but I edit a lot of documents (essays for students) in Google Docs. The app and web interface just don’t cut it. I can’t easily leave comments, suggestions, etc. Are there any secrets to using Google Docs in a more native way on the iPad or am I doomed to carry around my MBP everywhere?

In this podcast Frazer and Frederico speak about the Google docs and iPad interface. Worth a listen.


Haven’t had the chance to listen to the episode yet. It’s been a year. I’m wondering if there is an update to it. Just experience an annoying issue with iPadOS and Google Docs.

If I use split screen with Google Docs for some reason, I can’t type anymore into google docs.
Anyone else have this issue?

Don’t use (or even install) the Google Apps just use the web