IPad mini 6 cover- not case?

I would really prefer a cover for my new mini as opposed to a case (just protect the screen). I know that Apple sells a ridiculously expensive one but does anyone know of a 3rd party model? I’ve been searching without success…

Check out Moko covers. I purchased one from Amazon to replace the $80 Apple smart cover I purchased with my 2020 iPad Pro. (My Apple cover started coming apart after a few months.)

The Moko cover is identical in design and function but made of a more durable material. I been using mine for about 10 months and it shows no wear.

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How about eBay/Mercari? Accessories like this even new don’t really keep the high resale value of devices.

Another vote for eBay. Lots of cheaper knockoffs / clones that are perfectly fine as far as protection.

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