iPad OS 13.1.1 Update

Hopefully this will at least fix the battery drain.

Didn’t fix my keyboard issue. (Smart Keyboard, OR the onscreen one not sliding up sometimes.)

Haven’t taken the time to look deeper for other fixes.

Earlier today, I found that I could not send a email to files by choosing print. Actually, choosing print did nothing. I ended up coping the email by highlighting it, then pasting it into Pages, then moving it to files. :upside_down_face:

Not complaining one Earthly bit! Still thrilled that the team at Apple has built a better mouse trap. :tada::tada::+1:t2:

The weekend is looking too hot for me to play outside, so I see iPad play time coming up.

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Glad to hear that bowline! Ever since I did the OS update, I can’t stray far from a wall outlet. Use-to, I could go all day plus some. :sweat_smile: