iPad OS Notes Sync Issues

Since upgrading to iPad OS I’ve had issues with Apple Notes creating multiple “New Folder” on my iPad–I’ve deleted them and they have not returned. However, when I write in Apple Notes versus typing a note, it takes forever or does not sync. Typed notes sync immediately. I also deleted an Apple Notes folder on the iPad but the change still has not appeared on the iPhone or on my MBP.

Has anyone else experienced syncing issues?

I’m not a big notes user but I have noticed with iPadOS that when I copy a jpeg or gif from a Twitter feed to a folder on iCloud it now takes a long time to copy it. Now the slowdown maybe iCloud syncing across my devices, but I can’t prove it one way or the other. With iOS12 the copy was almost instantaneous.

I’m thinking that perhaps with all of the downloads for the OS upgrades and all of the syncing involved that the servers are being taxed. Additionally, I suspect that a lot of new iPhones, iPads, and AWs are being activated as well adding to the load.

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I don’t think server load is the problem after all. Apple Notes will not sync between devices unless I close and open the app on the iPhone and iPad. Text only notes seem to sync ok but notes with attachments or handwriting do not sync unless I close and reopen the app.

I have rebooted, turned iCloud AN sync on/off, gone to iCloud online, and even took the step of deleting and reinstalling AN on my iPhone and iPad. No matter what I do, the same behavior occurs. I just did a timed test for 15 minutes by make a change in a note in the iPad and seeing if after 15 minutes the change would sync. I did not. It would only sync if I closed the app the note was modified in and reopening. It is as if iCloud sync will not “engage” without closing/reopening the app.

I have all of the updates and I am using an iPhone X and iPad Pro 12.9"

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?