iPad OS: PDF Expert vs. PDFpen

I used and loved PDF Expert (as well as Readdle’s ScannerPro) and convinced a lot of people of how great they are. Now that I have a new Apple ID I’ve had to re-buy a lot of old apps. I bought PDF Expert but obviously my in-app purchase of pro features wasn’t there nor could I get Apple to transfer it etc. I tried to edit a page in a PDF and was told to get the 7 day free trial then pay for the subscription. I won’t get into the argument over the subscription model, but for me, who uses it once or twice a month, it’s too much.

I’m considering buying PDF Pen 5 for iOS, reduced to 25% of its price if I’m correct? Is there anything it can’t do that PDF Expert could? It looks like it’s made by the makers of TextExpander and I know from the MPU show how good that software is. Thoughts?

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PDF Expert is probably the most powerful PDF editing app for iOS (I never used Acrobat though). So the question is, if you need all the power.

That being said, PDF Pen is probably the second most powerful app :slight_smile: Also take a look at https://goodreader.com/.

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I must say, I prefer iAnnotate over PDF Expert, although PDF Expert does give you a bit more flexibility highlighting in different colours.

In iAnnotate’s side bar, I have set up four different highlight colours, the bookmark button, the go to page button and the next page, last page, first page and previous page buttons and also the pen and typewriter buttons.

I just find it easier to annotate and, especially, add and view bookmarks and a bit easier to export / save annotations included flattened versions of documents.

PDF Pen is on SetApp, if that helps.

Neither app is sufficiently automatable - in my opinion. But then nothing is, PDFwise.

I wish one of these apps, or a review of them, had a check box comparison for quick reference. Maybe some of the missing features won’t matter to me, but I don’t want to keep buying them and running into road blocks every time if I can pre-empt it.