iPad pressing device when cooking

When your hands are covered in cooking stuff and you are following a recipe and need to click on you iPad, is there some sort of inexpensive pencil like thing you can use that the iPad will acknowledge? And when I say pencil, I’d rather not use an Apple Pencil because I don’t want to get crud on that either.

I know that Crouton app has facial gestures but I will probably use Paprika. I also quickly tried Mela but Paprika still seems to be more feature rich than others.

I believe any touchscreen stylus will work if you just need to tap and swipe with it.


+1 on a stylus. You can find them for less than $5 on Amazon. I have a free pen from some company with a tip that works fine.

I chime in with the stylus suggestion. Can be found “everywhere”. Eg.Touch Screen Pen Stylus Drawing Universal for iPad Samsung Tablet Phone HOT 1PC | eBay

How about 10 for US$3 including shipping?

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Thanks all. I think my dad had something similar now that I see these. The question is whether I can find it.

These things should work pretty well.


Is that the new iPanini?!

That’s awesome! I hear it’s thinner than the last model, and made from 100% recycled waffle irons and truck tires. Pre-orders will open soon, with orders shipping later, (because they didn’t know anyone would actually buy them?), and artificially extended delivery dates so they can exceed your expectations, plus that whole perceived scarcity thing of having to wait.

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I’ll get a stylus after reading this thread. I almost switched to Mela after the MacStories reviews but am heavily invested in Paprika (and it has a Mac app!)

You could use voice control.

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Your nose could work as well - not that I have tried it before :sweat_smile:.

I tend to use my knuckles (hope that the correct English term?) though when my fingers are dirty :blush:



I’ve tried using my nose on my watch several times, and results are disappointing. Maybe if my nose were more pointy.
Good tradeoff, I suppose.

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I feel like I regularly turn off timers and stop workouts on my watch with my nose. The need always seems to arise when I’m washing my hands after coming inside, etc.

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