IPad Pro 10.5 smart keyboard

As the title indicates, I have a 10.5” iPad Pro and the Smart Keyboard.

Recently, the iPad has stopped accepting input from the keyboard.

I have tried taking the keyboard off and re-attaching. Powering the iPad off too.

No luck.

Any suggestions?

Still under warranty perhaps? I’ve gotten a replacement back in the day but I was under warranty.

Has happened to me twice and it has been replaced both times. Im sure apple are aware that the keyboard is a lemon. You have a 2 year statutory warranty in australia.

Mine was flakey for awhile, then died. I got it replaced under Apple care. Since I’m not in Australia, I suppose that will be my last freebie.
The warranty for some iPad keyboards was extended. Maybe they will do that again.
Recent keyboards are a blight on Apple’s reputation.

OK. Thanks. Looks like a trip to the Apple store then.

This happened to me a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I was beyond the one-year warranty, and there’s no Apple Care+ available for the keyboard.

Though there was an extended warranty put out on the original 9.7" and 12.9" smart keyboards, that’s not the case for the 10.5" — at least, it wasn’t the case in early April. The best the Apple Store could do was a replacement keyboard at a discount.

Did you by any chance purchase the original with an American Express card, or other credit card that extends the original manufacturer’s warranty? That was the saving grace for me. I sent in the original receipt, the work order, and the replacement receipt, and AMEX reimbursed me.

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That doesn’t sound promising. Would have been VISA, not Amex.

It may still be worth checking the benefits for your particular card. AMEX is probably the best known for extending warranties, but I don’t think they’re the only ones who do.

If you decide to replace it, I have had a great experience with Logitech’s Slim Combo for my 10.5" ipad pro.

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Try cleaning the contacts on the Smart Connector and the keyboard. May be some gunk on there.

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Thanks. Anything in particular I should use - not too comfortable putting water on an electronic device!

As I noted above, if you are within 2 years in Aus you are in warranty no matter whether Apple offered a one year warranty. Australian Consumer law.

I once made it work by using a magnet close to the smart connector of the iPad. I read somewhere this could fix the problem and it worked after I did it.

Use a magnet how? Just curious before I toss my non-functioning keyboard in the trash.

Yes, a “regular” magnet … I used one from my fridge.
I put it close to the connector of the smart keyboard for 30 seconds and it worked again.

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Took my iPad and the Smart Keyboard into the Genius Bar. The Genius confirmed the Smart Keyboard was dead and said Apple will replace it for free - have to wait 5 days for one to come into store.

I made sure to use my “@mac.com” email address and worked in that I bought both the iPad and the keyboard on the very first day they went on sale. Whether that made a difference or not, I don’t know.

Anyway, I can hardly complain about the resolution!

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