iPad Pro 11 won't charge

I have a fairly new iPad Pro (bought in October) and suddenly this morning it wouldn’t charge. It had been on a charger fine all night, but this morning when I plugged it back in after using it, it wouldn’t start charging. I changed cables, plugged it into a different port, plugged it in using the Apple cable and power adapter, tried a battery (which reported as an unsupported accessory), restarted it, restarted it using the force restart (volume down, volume up, then sleep button.) All nothing.

One oddity is that when the last time I powered it down (holding volume up button, volume down button, sleep and then swiping), it started right back up again.

Any others idea? Will I have to do a DFU?

Update: So I did an iCloud backup in preparation for a DFU and then connected it to my iMac to do the DFU and it started charging! (I swear I tried this before.) So I connected my iPhone 11 to the Anker charging port that the iPad is usually connected to and no charge. So, for some reason, the Anker port died and temporarily took away my iPad’s ability to charge. So weird. I guess it’s time to get a new Anker multiport charger.

DomBett: FYI, even though you got your iPad charging and found the culprit, you may also want to check the iPad ightning port to ensure it has not fuzz in it. Fuzz build up can hinder charging, and even damage the port (from jamming cable into fuzz).

Well, technically it’s a USB-C port, not Lightning. :wink: And, yep, that’s one of the first things I checked. But thank you.

I’m glad that you got it working! Should this happen again, run the iPad through the dishwasher on the gentle or china cycle. It won’t fix the problem, but you’ll have a more definitive answer as to why it’s not charging.

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Another update: It’s not the Anker multiport charger. I bought a new one of a different model plus a new cable but it still doesn’t work. Nor does it charge off a battery. It will only charge off the iMac, either through a direct connection to a USB port or a hub connect to the USB port (which in my case is an unpowered hub). This is really weird.