IPad Pro Centric backups

Those of you that are like me and are basically iPad Pro as a main device. How are you doing backups? Photos, docs, etc.

With external drive support and such how are you backing up photos. We use iCloud photo on all our accounts, but I also keep backups on some external drives and a Synology.

I upload many photos to the Synology and I also manually copy those same items to external drives for redundancy.

I have been an Evernote user for over 10 years for research, documents, notes, etc. But, I have also been looking into KeepIt from Reinvented Software. I like that KeepIt uses iCloud and a folder structure opposed to Evernotes proprietary database.

What are other strategies you all may be using?

Photos (for backups) and Plex are the two reasons I still have a Mac. My iPad Pro 12.9” is my main computing device, but there is no good way to create a backup of my photos at full resolution from my ipad.

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I am not really a Plex user. But, I do use Channels DVR. I used to think I needed a Mac for the DVR, but now I run the Channels DVR on a Rasp Pi4.

I do have an Mac Mini(2009) I could use to manage photos but is really slow.

One nice thing about the older Mac minis is the parts are replaceable! I’ve got a 2011 Mac mini running photos for backups (and dropbox to get that backed up as well). While it is a slow processor and on an old OS, inside I’ve now got a 1TB SSD and a 1 TB HDD, so I don’t need to worry about the space! With so much automated/automatable you don’t need to worry as much about the horsepower of the computer, just that it can eventually worth through everything and back it up.