iPad Pro Order disappeared on Apple Store app

Has anyone noticed if their iPad Pro order disappeared from the Apple Store app? I thinking maybe they are just refreshing to updating something, getting ready to ship, but just wanted to see if anyone else is seeing what I’m seeing.

I just checked. While mine didn’t “disappear” it did go backwards in progress steps. It was showing shipped and I had a UPS tracking number. It now shows as “order placed” 🤷🏻

Mine is moving through the system just fine and is due here Tuesday.

When I check the store at the moment, it’s telling me that my orders (and history) can’t be displayed right now. Seems like there’s something broken on the backend today.

Sorry to ask, but were you logged into the right account?

All of my orders have disappeared.

Saw a lot similar reports when scrolling through Twitter earlier. It will most likely be back soon.

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My iMac went from shipped to processing. Still showing same date. UPS shows it on the way with delivery on Friday. Oddly, I ordered some pencil tips at the same time that were delivered over a week ago. On the order screen they went from being delivered to processing.