IPad Pro running warm with new iPad OS?

I have a 2018 12.9” iPad Pro running 14.0.1 I’ve noticed over the last couple of weeks that my battery life is shorter than usual but more concerning, at times my iPad gets warm, borderline hot. When this happens I reboot and it seems ok. I use the iPad 80% of the time with the new Magic Keyboard.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I frequent use an external Magic Keyboard/Magic Trackpad but have not noticed any similar issues on my 11in iPad Pro. Have you checked Settings/Battery for any unusual app behavior?

Yes and everything seems fine.

What app, if any, was disproportionately using your battery? I have the same device and haven’t had this issue, so I wonder if it’s something you’re running that I’m not.

Apple News was the biggest user of the battery.

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Here’s some info:

I am using the exact same iPad. No issues on my end.

Apart from radical approaches like the one already suggested above, you should check if the iPad is “resting” when not in use. In the battery section you will not only see the apps that are draining your battery, but you can also see how many minutes of each hour your iPad has been active. The iPad should typically have “down times” showing up under Activity when not in use - like they can be seen on the screenshot Apple has put online in their article:

If your iPad is being constantly active without being in use, you should check for apps who are causing the issue (delete apps you consider being the culprit, restart the iPad, see if something is improving).

The last resort would be to erase all content and settings and to restore from a backup like @WayneG already has hinted.

Same setup, but no issues here.

New OS releases sometimes can sometimes have a negative battery impact for a while though. Maybe this is a temporary issue?

Thanks everyone for the advice, much appreciated. I’ll follow-through and see what I find.

Same iPad here, no issue

I think I fixed the problem by accident. I was having a problem with Apple Mail (which as I think about it may have been the issue) so after multiple attempts to get Apple Mail working properly I performed a complete erase and reset of the iPad and manually set it up as a new iPad without restoring from a backup. This is the first major reset since buying the 2018 iPad Pro when it first came out. It is running faster and cooler. :slight_smile: Nuke and pave works wonders. :slight_smile:

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