iPad Pro screen grack

I’m a newcomer to iPads, but wanted to give the new iPad Pro 12.9 a try, mostly for photo editing. So far, so good, except for one thing: the screen gets a mess with finger prints in a very short time. My wife’s old 9.7 doesn’t seem nearly as bad. Apple says: clean with a damp microfiber cloth. OK, that works, but is a tedious chore. So, anyone have advice for a newb who NEVER EVEN TOUCHED his MacBook screens? How do you clean your iPad? How often? With what? Thanks!

Microfibre now and then (say, every few days). Less often: a pre-moistened lens/glasses cleaner wipe (say, one a month or as needed).

I’ve used iKlear cleaning solution on both my MacBook Pro as well as my phones and iPads for the last few years-- works really well, and it seems to help the iPad screen resist fingerprints.

I wonder if the new iPads don’t have oleophobic coatings?

They do have oleophobic coatings, but Apple switched to a different coating (one that is seemingly less effective at preventing fingerprints) when they introduced the Apple Pencil.


microfibre cloths work great

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