iPad Pro Stand for 3rd Gen iPad Pro 12.9

I am thinking of purchasing the new magic keyboard for the iPad Pro, but before I do that, quick question.

For those who use the iPad say on a kitchen counter…or anywhere else…did anyone purchase a stand to keep it at eye level height?


I will be interested to see where this conversation goes. I thoroughly enjoy my iPad Pro. I dig the keyboard but the case could probably be better. I have seen some cinemaphotography/musician attachments/stands for the iPad.

Things like this:

With more of us working from home, I decided that I needed a iPad stand for my iPad Pro 11 so when I sit at my desk its more at eye level. I noticed when I was doing meetings via Teams that without the stand the viewing angle wasn’t very flattering. I purchased the mStand tablet pro from Rain Design. So far it has been great. You can place it in either vertical or horizontal positions. It could fit most current iPad models with the adjustable top. I have loved it and it has become a must for my desk setup. Combined with a Bluetooth keyboard and Magic Trackpad I can get most of my work done from home with only my iPad.