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Hi guys, I have a iPad Pro 10.5 with what I believe to be a dead LCD panel (glass not cracked, and it does light up but only grey. touch also seems to be working as when I tap in certain areas I can hear the click of the keys as if I was typing in the password. I have looked at replacement screens, but the full assembly including the LCD cost $300+ where I live and I am not really too keen on spending that kind of money on a fix that may not work. So I was wondering if I could connect an external monitor to see if the rest of the iPad is still working. Would this work? Any help on what I could do would be greatly appreciated.


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Sadly, I’m not sure that it would work. The iPad can ‘air play’ its screen to another device, but I’m not sure that it would be something that you would come close to using if the main screen is not working.

It’s not like a Mac where it will just immediately mirror the screen.

Of course if you have access to a monitor, it wouldn’t hurt to try, but I wouldn’t spend any money pursuing that course. It does not seem likely to work, given what you’ve told us.

Could it work with a lightning to HDMI connector?

I think so? Maybe? Worth a shot.

Again, I think the problem is going to be that there won’t be anything on the TV screen unless you can figure out how to turn on mirroring… but it’s possible that HDMI immediately mirrors. I haven’t connected an iPad to HDMI in years, so I’m really not sure.

@Tom1 I just tried it with my 2020 iPadPro with a USB-C to HMDI. It mirrored instantly but if it fails to login with Face ID, the number pad only shows up on the iPad and not on the monitor. So if you can’t see the iPad display, it would take trial and error to try to login with number pad. I think the same concept would apply to the 10.5 iPad with a lightning port and Touch ID (not sure if it has Face ID). You could buy the adapter and return once you determine the status of the iPad.

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Although I believe a Bluetooth keyboard would let you type the numbers, if one had been previously paired.


If the HDMI dongle also has USB, you could also plug in a wired keyboard.

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wanted to say what @webwalrus and @ChrisUpchurch said, but now only want to welcome you to this friendly place we all enjoy :slight_smile:

Incidentally, if you’re talking about taking it to a third-party repair shop, and they have the replacement parts in stock, it’s possible they might be willing to test things out for you. Even if it costs you a little bit, it could give you the answer to your question without you having to round up all sorts of weird stuff to test your iPad. :slight_smile:

And even if the screen is the problem, you’ll likely find that a current entry-level iPad compares similarly, benchmark-wise, to the 10.5 Pro (with the exception of the Metal score):


So depending on your use cases, it still might be worth considering a replacement device. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the amazing suggestions and advice! I did take it to a repair shop who were very unhelpful and pretty much told me they didn’t want anything to do with it and that wouldn’t be economical to repair it. It has a lightning port not USB C, and I haven’t been able to find the correct adapters to get it to HDMI that aren’t a million dollars from Apple, might have to try Aliexpress!

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